Girl In The Palace
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We enjoyed a lovely Sunday stroll today and stopped by one of the most recent additions to the local shopping triangle. I've bought some vegan brownies from Blowing Dandelion at the Crystal Palace Farmers Market before and so was pleasantly surprised when they opened up shop locally. That's right, an artisan chocolate shop selling raw, vegan treats opened 5 minutes walk from my front door! So in other words, you know where to find me! A chat with the barista revealed they are venturing into making vegan chocolate this year too, not just raw treats so I can't wait to try those. We grabbed two coffees, a hazelnut brownie to share (not) and sat outside as it wasn't so cold today. I definitely recommend popping in for a look and a delicious vegan treat. Enjoy and Happy New Year from the Girl in the Palace team!

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I thought I'd get a bit crafty with some wrapping paper and glue as an alternative to carving a pumpkin this year (with carving I find the mess is mega, it takes forever and you end up with a sore arm and a bent spoon.) Plus I don't know about you guys, but when I get a gift wrapped in some beautiful paper, I always keep the paper! It's like the paper is part of the gift and I can't rip it and throw it away, I'm aware it's a bit extreme hoarders. So if you also have a little stash of random paper that you'll never do anything with, this is the project for you! I say project, but it's quick and I managed to get this done while Arlo was napping.

You'll need: a pumpkin, some wrapping paper, PVA glue, a paint brush and a scissors.

Cut your wrapping paper into strips about 1-1.5 inches in width.

Using your paint brush, paint some glue onto your pumpkin and then apply a strip of paper lengthways onto the glue. You can add a little water to the glue if it feels a bit thick and hard to paint. Then paint on more glue over the strip of paper. Trim off excess paper and keep for covering over any patches. Add the next strip beside the first.

If you like you can try match up the pattern a little, I'm sure that would look really cool. I just sort of put them on willy nilly and it came out quite even.  This pumpkin has a bit of a dodgy side, and I don't mean it gets a bit handsy when it's drunk, I mean it actually has a dodgy side that looks a bit flat and odd so I just made sure to turn it so that was to the back. Once it was all covered I decided it needed a bit of a jazzy stem and dug out a tube of gold paint.

I'm very pleased with the results! Quick and relatively mess free!

Happy Halloween!