Girl In The Palace
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Hi, everyone! We've had a bit of a busy few months with weddings, a house move and trips away and my poor blog has been totally neglected. We are back now and I'm getting around to making some vlogs of recent trips and back into the blogging. Thanks for sticking with me!

We have just come back from a week in Paris and safe to say we were completely impressed with the city and the lovely Parisians! Arlo had an absolute blast and as you know, happy baby = happy parents. From getting around on the buses with a buggy to finding vegan suitable cafes and restaurants, it was so easy. It's a very child-friendly place with something for the small people at almost every tourist attraction. I never thought I'd say this but it was better than London in terms of the ease of doing things with a baby/ toddler. I can't say this enough, we LOVED it. Here's a list of our top 3 favourite places to visit that we all loved and were great to do with a little one in tow.


A trip to see Sacré-Cœur is a must do, not for the crowds (it's always crowded) but for the views over Paris. As we had Arlo and his buggy we decided to walk the long way round the back through Montmartre, which is mostly step free but still staggeringly uphill. A walk through the back streets will take you past those Parisian Instagram favourites La Maison Rose and Le Consulat. Make sure you stop in Tutti Senso for a sorbet as a reward for all your hard work.

Palais Royal Gardens

Palais Royal is near is the Louvre and worth a visit to see the Collones des Buren, an array of striped columns that fill up the courtyard. Arlo had loads of fun running around and climbing. To be honest, anywhere that I can let him loose in a fairly open space is always going to be a winner. It seems like toddlers love nothing more than trying to abandon their parents so this was a good safe zone for that. Also, we got some lovely photos by sticking our camera on timer mode and a pillar came in handy as a makeshift tripod. Continue through the courtyard to the beautiful gardens with tree lined walkways and enclosed rose gardens. 

Eiffel Tower

I think the Eiffel Tower is a must see, it's definitely worth the visit. Instead of going directly to it, we went via the Jardins du Trocadéro early one morning (because we were awake anyway being on toddler time) and made our way across the river towards the tower. It's a lot easier going down all those steps with a buggy than trying to do it the opposite way! Arlo loved climbing down by himself and we loved the view. In the end, it was getting near nap time so we didn't spend too long in the gardens underneath and instead made our way back along the river where there was less of a tourist buzz.

While the above were our top 3 places to visit, we also recommend a visit to the Louvre as it's courtyard and water features were great and Arlo loved running around. We didn't go in as we ended up visiting quite late in the evening. We also visited Notre Dame, but kept Arlo in the buggy or carried him as it wasn't quite safe enough to run around outside and inside they were having some sort of prayers. Jardins du Luxembourg is another great park for toddlers with a fantastic playground however, it is not free and cost us around 5 euro to go in and play, which isn't a lot but worth mentioning. For getting around we walked a lot and used the city buses, we didn't attempt to make it down to the Metro. The buses were great, frequent with lots of buggy space. We stayed in the 9th arrondissement and it was a great location to get around the city and easy to get back to for Arlo's naps. All in all we were so impressed with Paris. It made it all the more fun to have our little man with us!