Girl In The Palace
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We popped down to the park today to show Arlo the recently restored Crystal Palace Sphinxes! They are 163 years old and sit in 3 sets of 2, flanking rows of steps that originally led up to The Crystal Palace (of the Great Exhibition!) They've been restored to their original terracotta red. It's just a bit mad that these remnants of the Victorian era are just sitting down the road in the park. They were in dire need of this makeover when I moved here a few years ago so I'm really pleased they're now being looked after. Arlo was more impressed by the many dogs that passed by with their owners while we were at the park. He absolutely loves dogs and has been trying to say 'dog dog' for a while now! I love his little red wellies, mainly because he can't scoot off in them as quickly as he can in his other shoes!