Girl In The Palace
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Hidden under the road at Crystal Palace Parade is The Crystal Palace subway, a beautifully designed set of Victorian pillars and arches that make up the old station leading to the site of The Crystal Palace. The subway isn't open to the public and is spoken of in hushed tones and whispers, for only the locals seem to know of its existence. Thanks to the team at Open House London, it is open this weekend and I was truly amazed to find such a spectacular cavern hiding beneath the main road, out of sight and so well preserved. It was built as a solution for the posh Victorians who couldn't be bothered schlepping up the massive hill upon which The Crystal Palace was situated. I get it, I do that hill with a buggy and it's a killer. Instead of being dropped off at the low brow low station and facing the uphill trek, the train would instead continue through the hill and arrive at the beautiful and convenient "High Level Station", so long as you could afford a first class train ticket that is. Since then, it's been used as an air-raid shelter during the war and has even held a few raves in its time. I'm not so sure the Palacians would be up for that much craic nowadays! It's been on my must see list since we moved here, so delighted we got to see it today!