Girl In The Palace
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Hi guys! I'm doing a series of blog posts of my favourite spots around our lovely little Crystal Palace. We walk by this wall of graffiti on the Triangle almost every day and Arlo loves the bright colours and patterns. He stares at it really wide eyed so we stopped by it today and had a good stare. People must think we're tourists or something because it has been there like 2 years and I never paid it much attention before! It's pretty random for Crystal Palace to have this massive graffiti wall because if you know Crystal Palace at all, you'll know it's not quite that hip. It's more of a "leave the graffiti to Shoreditch, thank you very much" type of place so I'm not sure how this wall gets away with being so out there. But I like it and Arlo likes it, it brightens up the place! In other news, Arlo has a tooth!!! And he's figured out how to scream the kind of excited scream where you go temporarily deaf afterwards. I'm sure our neighbours love us right now. Thankfully his favourite thing is watching I See A Song by Eric Carle so we got that on repeat.