Girl In The Palace
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This little man is 5 months old and the time is flying! He's moved into his BedNest co sleeper now, which thankfully the Sleepyhead fits perfectly into because he loves sleeping in it. We miss him in the bed now :( but most nights he comes back in for a feed and a cuddle, yay. No teeth yet but as you can see, there is movement in those gums and he's loving anything he can chew on! He loves crazy kicking, crazy laughing, crazy screaming and anything else crazy and he has such a funny personality. I didn't realise how entertaining it is to watch your baby but seriously I can watch him over new Game of Thrones any day. New things are blowing raspberries, rolling over, sitting up, trying to crawl but he doesn't quite have the coordination yet THANK GOD becuase we are not ready. We recently started going to baby sensory class and he loves it so much. He's a little social butterfly and loves all the other babies. He's crying now because it's naptime, it makes me laugh though because when he cries it sounds like 'Mum mum mum". Enjoy the photos. X

Arlo's vest is by Carter's. I like them because they are quite long in the body but not too wide, so they fit nicely and don't look like they're pulling! They do lots of cute prints too.