Girl In The Palace
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One of my favourite places to visit when we go home to Ireland is the Bluebell Woods! (I blogged about it 3 years ago here!) But as you can see we were a bit early and the bluebells haven't bloomed yet. But when they do, it's like a sea of bluebells and the scent is beautiful. We went for a hike through the trees anyway. Arlo slept the entire time in his solly wrap, he loves it. The material isn't too heavy so we don't get overheated and it's really soft so I'm happy to wear it for long stretches of time. He was really cosy and even stayed dry during a freak hail shower (but it's Ireland so I can hardly pretend that hail showers are 'freak' there). Despite the cold, it was so lovely to spend time with everyone. We miss you all now that we're back in the UK!