Girl In The Palace
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Arlo is one month old today! It has absolutely flown by and we are loving getting to know this little man. Here's what we know so far:

He is going to be one tall boy, already weighing in at 5kgs! He loves baths but isn't so keen on the getting undressed bit, or getting out. He loves his cosy bear suit, sleeps so soundly in it whenever we go out (big thanks to our friend Rionnagh!). Loves to stare at the bedroom curtains in the mornings. Skill level ninja at hiding his hands so trimming his pointy nails is proving impossible. 

We are loving introducing him to everyone! The Irish contingent will be making it's way over in the next few weeks and I'm so looking forward to seeing them all for a happy occasion and a reason to celebrate. When Arlo grows up I hope he realises that he arrived at exactly the time we needed something happy in our lives and he will always be so special for being that little person. It's wonderful to know he makes everyone else as happy as he makes us. One month ago marked a new beginning, so excited to have this blog to share it all with you.

Big thank you to Amanda at Taylored Photography for capturing our first pictures together as a family.