Girl In The Palace
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Our little man is here! Everyone say hello to Arlo Fionn. He arrived on 1.2.16 in great style as he now shares his birthday with his Dad! I still can't get over how crazy that is. I was convinced I'd be pregnant until March. We are so overjoyed that they share this special date. In Ireland, the 1st of February is the first day of Spring, St. Brigid's Day and the ancient feast of Imbolc, which celebrates the changing of the seasons and new life. The meaning of this is not lost on me and will forever be an extra special celebration. It just all feels so amazing. I want to thank you all for your messages, cards and gifts. We are just overflowing with the love right now! Thank you all so much. Arlo's middle name is of course an honour name to his Uncle Fionn, who would have been his guardian or godparent. He will always be an extra speical person to Arlo and his name will be a little reminder to us of that. I know Fionn would be so smitten with him and love that he is named in his honour. After a long and hard few months, we are so glad that Arlo is here and he is every bit as lovely as we thought he would be. At the moment we are enjoying a period of rest, a tradition known as Lying In, where we are staying in bed, bonding, nursing, resting and just getting to know each other and beginning our journey as a family. We look forward to all the visitors coming in the next few weeks but for now, we will sign off and have another snuggle with our little man. Lots and lots of love to you all.