Girl In The Palace
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It was a wonderful afternoon of fun, games, love and support yesterday as we celebrated my motherhood journey thus far and helped me prepare for the upcoming weeks. Blessingways are a really special way of focussing on the mama-to-be and helping her prepare for the birth of her baby. (I attended a Blessingway two years ago for my cousin Mel, and wrote about it here).  I honestly feel so supported and loved by all the special ladies in my life! We chatted about birth, shared positive stories, had food and drink, played some games in a little baby shower mash up and just sat together and laughed. Having my sisters and cousin here for the weekend really was the cherry on top. It's an empowering feeling knowing you are supported through such an experience. These ladies wrote words of wisdom for baby and me, positive messages for me to hang around our house. They tied lengths of string around a candle I will light during labour as symbols of good wishes and we wrapped yarn bracelets signifying connection and support for the birth. All these little visual reminders of support and love are wonderful to have. We decorated our apartment with bunting and pom poms made by my Auntie Margie, who passed away in September and is so missed by us all. In traditional blessingway style, I had a beautiful flower crown and my bump painted. It's a very special feeling to be so looked after! Thank you to all the ladies who made it out with food, charms and gifts galore and thank you to those who sent messages of support. I'm SO excited for the next few weeks and can't wait to meet baby.