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Happy New Year to you all! We are getting our baby essentials together as the countdown is on now and there are a few things we want to have in advance, seeing as no one knows exactly when baby will decide to arrive. I think he will be late but just in case he decides to surprise us and arrive early here is what I'm getting together.

1. SLING: I think baby wearing sounds amazing. I want to keep my little man close and encourage bonding in any way at all, but obviously having a hand or two free would be ideal as well! The Solly Baby Wraps are eco friendly, lightweight, stretchy and not to mention really cute! (check out the Charcoal Swiss Dot wrap, adorable for both mums and dads)

2. CLOTH NAPPIES: We are going to give cloth nappies a go and these Flip nappies are usable from birth to toddler. There's the choice of reusable inserts or disposables too so they really suit everyone's need. Plus they're so soft for baby's skin.

3. SWING CHAIR: All the mums I know have recommended getting a swing chair and I love the look of this baby rocker.

4. SLEEPYHEAD: These look so comfy, I think they need to do an adult sized one! I love that this is portable and can go in bed with you if you want to co sleep or in the cot or bassinet. We have some travel plans on the cards for next year so it seems like a good idea to have something familiar for baby to sleep in regardless of where we happen to be.

5 & 6 BABY CLOTHES: So yes, clothes would be a good idea! I'm not so keen on the head to toe pale blues so am stocking up on cute prints to balance it all out! I love the little printed stars and clouds on the onesies above. I'm a sucker for anything grey and stripey too!

7. MUSLIN SQUARES: I've yet to meet a mum who doesn't have a stack of these ready to go so again, I'm compiling a collection! How cute is that Cath Kidston set above. I love the colours.

8. BIRTH: I'm really excited for when baby does decide to make a move. This book is a really informative read, full of wonderful birth stories.