Girl In The Palace
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My family and I are completely devastated and more than heartbroken by the loss of my younger brother Fionn. He passed away on the 4th of October, a month and a little bit shy of his 19th birthday. One of six children, he was a rock in the middle of our family. A bright, glowing sun to which we revolved around. A flash of blue eyes and jolly cheeks, a smile always ready just beneath the surface of a too cool exterior. He was becoming the man we all knew he would be; strong, kind and above all, loving. His charm and good looks are almost too obvious to mention, his humour and good fun just another Fionn-ism we took for granted. It is hard to imagine how we, his sisters and brothers, will go on as just a fivesome, without a character so big and captivating, an imagination with no limits, a painfully good talent for almost any creative outlet and his strength for any situation. However, it is for him that we will hold on to each other that bit tighter, knowing that this loss could tear us apart and how Fionn would never want that. Though we are now only five, each of us will carry a little of him with us forever and we will feel whole. For me, he will always be that blue eyed and curly haired boy I would wake from his nap just so we could invent more games. He truly was the best of us all. We love you so much Fionn, thank you for being a part of our family. We have been so lucky. X