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Choosing a wedding dress can seem like a huge task, but in reality it's one of the best parts of planning your wedding! Here are my top 5 tips to make buying your dress amazingly enjoyable and, most of all, fun!

5 tips



Though the ordering time on wedding dresses can vary depending on designer, the average minimum is around 6 months. *Gasp!*  If you're surprised, don't worry, you're not alone! This seems to be news to a lot of brides. Anything under this time and you'll be much more limited in your choice of what bridal shops can get for you in time and risk going over your budget because of 'rush ordering' fees. So for those reasons, you're much better off buying your wedding dress before the 6-months-to-go mark.

2. KNOW YOUR VENUE (or at least your setting)

Not to worry if you haven't finalised your exact venue before you get your gown, but having an idea of whether you'll be marrying in a church, town hall, hotel, beach or barn can really help you narrow down your dress search. It can also help give you an understanding of what you'll need from your dress before you even put one on. For example, having a super long train could cause problems if you're holding your ceremony in an open field.


Everyone reacts differently to putting on a wedding dress. An emotional reaction can come in so many different ways, and tearing up isn't always the first! Sometimes it can be a little odd to see yourself in that ivory gown for the very first time, whereas for others it really hits home that they are getting married! You will definitely know it when you've found your dress, whether you laugh, cry, dance or simply don't want to take it off!


You know the girls (and sometimes guys!) will want to help, but too many cooks = bad broth. Bringing 2 or 3 people with you to your appointments will be much more helpful than the whole gang. Of course everyone will want you to look your best and feel fab, but many voices and opinions can cloud your vision and sometimes take away from the experience. Keep it to a minimum and if you need help with your decision you can always reach out to others after you've narrowed down your initial search.


You've tried on what feels like dozens of dresses and you can't decide between your top two... sleep on it! A little refection and a good rest will make all the difference. You'll wake up thinking about that *one* dress and all will be right with the world (or at least, wedding!) Believe me, 6 months down the line you will be thankful on your wedding morning, knowing you look and feel amazing and so glad you went with your gut on this one.