Girl In The Palace
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All photos by Benjamin Youd

Finally got round to updating GITP, yay! Hope you guys had a lovely autumn and are looking forward to Christmas! I adore this H&M skirt, it's not available online anymore. It's a great circle cut and the perfect length to be wintery and warm. I love the pop of neon pink in the pattern too. How pretty are the Pashley bicycles?! I'm so in love with this Poppy Pink bike, those creamy white tires and that beautiful peony shade. LOVE! I would feel so chic cycling this to work. Cycling is so popular in London and especially here in Crystal Palace (we have 3 bike shops on the triangle alone!) But with this Pashley, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. It's also available in powder blue.

Thankyou to Blue Door Bicycles for the use of their Pashley Poppy bicycle.