Girl In The Palace
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Nail polish is 'Military Red' by Burberry

So here is a closer look at some of the yummy Burberry Beauty goodies RJ surprised me with a few weeks ago. I'm very impressed with his choice of neutral and rosy palette, which he obviously knew would suit me so well. (He didn't just lob everything into a bag, I'm sure.) Either way, I have lots of new favourites for my makeup bag. The sheer eye shadows in two smoky tones that are great for blue eyes, Taupe Brown and Almond. The blush is Russet, the lipstick is Field Rose and the lipgloss is Nutmeg. The eye definer in Midnight Ash is a firm favourite, not brown or black but something inbetween flecked with gold, I love it and keep it in my bag at all times. It's all classic, understated and so very Burberry. Next on my list to try is their new mascara to see if it can top my all time favourite mascara, Dior Show. Thanks for the lovely presents RJ. x