Girl In The Palace
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You may have seen, if you follow my instagram, that RJ and I spent a few days over the Easter break visiting his family up in his home county of Shropshire.

It really is a beautiful landscape of rolling hills, winding rivers and yellow fields as far as the eye can see. Spring and Easter are my favourite times of the year as everything comes into bloom and the evenings get longer. The Cherry Blossom trees are by far my favourite.


While in Shropshire we spent a day looking through antique shops in Shrewsbury and enjoying the sun in Much Wenlock. Both towns had such a history about them. RJ also took me on a special evening trip to my favourite spot, Apley Bridge near the beautiful Apley Hall. Afterwards his parents treated us to dinner down at the picturesque Woodbridge restaurant. It was the perfect getaway and we took our time getting back to London.

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Shrewsbury was lovely and we had a tour around the abbey. I make a friend in Much Wenlock (I called him Ferguson) and the view from The Woodbridge (the bridge is actually made of iron?) was breathtaking. I can't wait til our next trip!