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Being vegan definitely does not mean you can't still pig out. In fact, I've stared carbs in the face for about a month now, and I've still lost a few pounds. Here are 11 things I've had too much of.

1. Oreos. Yes "milk's favourite cookie" is also "vegan's favourite cookie". There are no dairy products in those creamy centres. Why not try a vegan oreo smoothie with this recipe:
2/3 cup milk of choice
1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 to 3 Oreos
1 medium frozen banana, then blend!

2. Unfrosted Strawberry Poptarts. No need to cut them out of your vegan diet! You can also make your own pop tarts with some puff pastry and strawberry jam!

3. Jus-Rol Puff Pastry! As above. All Jus-Rol Ingredient Pastry is free from milk, milk products and lactose except the All butter and Sweet Shortcrust products which contain butter. I love making Puff Pastry pizza's with olive tapanade and lots of veggies.

4. Sainsbury's Bourbon Biscuits. RJ's favourite. Seriously, the man can down a pack of these before you can say veganism. The are an old classic after all (just like him.)

5. Tiger Tiger Mayonnaise. If you love mayo like I do then you don't have to go without. Also you can get it in Sainsbury's so WIN WIN for us Londoners/UKers!

6. Pink Panther Wafers. You know, the ones your gran always has in a tin and for ages you were like bleehh and then you get older and you're desperate for them?  Well, they're vegan so go get them!

7. Hula Hoops, ready salted. So good for if you're on the go and need a quick snack which I've discovered is a pretty tough thing in vegan world.

8. Sorbet. Yummy alternative to icecream. I would say read the label to double check, but Sainsbury's again do a lovely mango flavour which is vegan friendly.

9. Chilli Heatwave Doritos. I know a vegan or two who are mad on these. So mad in fact they grind them down to crumbs and use them as a seasoning. I'm not saying it's good for you but there's only so much kale you can face.

10. Jammie Dodgers. The chocolate ones are also vegan yay! 

11. Starburst! They'll always be Opal Fruits to me... You can go get a sugar high and be a vegan at the same time.

 So if you still think being vegan is all nutloaf and lentils (mmm) you should probably get the net.