Girl In The Palace
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It's January 2014 guys, I kind of just realised! TWENTYFOURTEEN! It's just seems crazy that 2013 went so so fast. I've been running around like mental the past few weeks! It's all been pretty positive though, a change of job role coming in the next month is pretty exciting. (I sound like my own horoscope... in which case I will also win the lotto...) 

I got some lovely presents at Christmas, some from me to me, others from RJ and family. I'm a big Stella McCartney fan, fashion and perfume, and STELLA has always been my favourite perfume of hers. RJ got me her new scent L.I.L.Y which I was not-so-subtley hinting for since, gee I dunno, the beginning of time. It's beautifully fresh and not unlike her other scents, but seems more classic. I love it, the bottle is really cute too like I want to buy a matching clutch or something. I love the way it looks almost quilted.

The other thing I'm in absolutely love with is Kora Organics Clay Mask by Miranda Kerr (here). It doesn't have that weird facemask stinging-your-nostrils smell, you can actually smell it's organicness. It feels like a moisturiser and I never want to wash it off. My skin is definitely brighter after using it.  I will so be adding some more of her products to my wishlist! I especially can't wait to try the rosehip oil. 

Bookwise, my brother has me hooked on The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. Anyone else reading these? They are soooo good! Harry Dresden is Chicago's Wizard P.I. Like grown up Harry Potter but then nothing like that at all. I'm currently waiting to get my hands of book 3.

Veganuary is almost over and the finish line is in sight! We are going for a celebratory end-of-the-veganism meal that also coincides with RJ's birthday, I can almost taste the chicken. Being vegan isn't that bad at all, I'm loving it! But you can't beat the beautifully cooked chicken breast at the Crystal Palace Market.  YUM! Can't wait :)