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Hope you are all having a fab 2014 so far. I've had a bit of a DIY weekend and upcycled a mini dress I've had for a while into a flounce skirt. I love the material but it was just a bit too tight around the sholders and arms, so instead of giving it away I decided to reinvent it. The teal/turquoise colour will be great for spring! It's cold here in London, but  the evenings are getting slightly longer now! So I might shelf it til next month. Here's how I did it. 


Here's the original dress! I've worn it once or twice but it always felt constricting around the arms.

Dscf1207 Dscf1213

I made sure the zip was all the way down before cutting it at the smallest point of the waist.


It's always good to have a friend watch you work and point out things you might have missed.


The next bit involves circle mathematics (bleugh). Measure the hem of your skirt in cm or inches all the way round (or measure the front and double it). That is the inner circumference of your circle. You need the radius to draw the pattern so you go: Circumference / Pi = Diameter. Diameter / 2 = radius. Now you can draw the circle! I made my flounce 6cm, but you could go bigger. Make your circle more of a doughnut by adding your 6cm. I used the upper part of the dress for cut the front flounce. Voila.

Dscf1216 Dscf1218

The back was in half due to the zip so I halved my pattern.


Sew your flounces together and then pin them to the hem, right sides together.


You've done it, yay!

Dscf1229 Dscf1235 Dscf1248 Dscf1257 Dscf1258