Girl In The Palace
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Tomorrow marks the 10th day of Veganuary and 10 days since I put down the eggs and picked up the tofu. (Note: I haven't actually had tofu yet, but I'm working towards it!) The idea of Veganuary caught my attention for a few reasons, the main one being to give myself the opportunity to be aware of what I'm eating. Sounds silly, but it's nice to let yourself be picky. I also wanted to try new foods and broaden my cooking skills. So far, I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying it and how supportive people are. I've found a few new blogs I'm loving, made a few new friends through chatting about veganism and discovered a whole list of superfoods that are so tasty. It has all been very positive. Maybe the world has moved on a bit from picking on vegans and it's becoming quite popular. I actually think Veganuary is quite an easy task compared to the likes of Kathy Freston's 3 Week Cleanse, where you start by removing all sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, and animal products from your diet. I'm still having my grande soy vanilla latte :) I'm also in love with chia seeds and goji berries and am putting them in everything. We're only 10 days in though, so lots more to discover I hope!