Girl In The Palace
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Ah, what a month it has been for Delaneys near and far! I feel like I have a news round up for you all. Most of you who follow my facebook will know how jam packed the last few weeks have been! We've been visited and visitors. Good news, bad news and good news again. It's been a rollercoaster of a month! 2013 is proving to be the best yet. I don't want it to end! 

So, major news first I guess. We had our first trip to Ikea! If that's not life altering, I don't know what is.  RJ's parents came to visit. We toured the museums and showed them around Crystal Palace Park. My birthday was the next day and we went to see my aunt Margie in Henley, where she was visiting Mel before beginning her journey through chemotherapy as she was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few days before. She gave me my favourite birthday present to date, a beautiful crochet blanket. The next evening I gathered my nearest and dearest for an Indian dinner on Brick Lane (delish). My cousin Mel gave birth to her second daughter, Esmé Margaret, another little beauty, on October 24th. Her birthday coincides with my brother Cole's, who came to visit a few days later. We toured the sights (sites?) in London with him and said a fond "see you soon!" when my sister and her family landed in London a few short hours later! We had the best time, as sisters do and I got to hang out with my beautiful niece Willow.

 It has been wonderful to catch up with family, all of whom I miss so much. Good news or bad, we have talked more, laughed more and loved more. I'm looking forward to Christmas in Ireland and seeing them all again. 

You can follow my aunt's blog  here  for her updates on life and her beautiful crafts.


Meet my newest cousin Esmé Margaret Carolan, born on the 24th October 2013! She is so lovely <3