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Last week, for my cousin Mel's Blessingway, I made some big hanging tissue pom poms that everybody loved. They were so easy to make and really added to the party atmosphere! I've put together a little DIY as so many people asked how they are made and I tried to like mime out what I did! They are a must for the festive season to come and maybe as an alternative to balloons? (If you don't like balloons? Or if you wanted giant balloons but couldn't find any).


^^ 10 sheets of tissue paper, two grips (not essential), a pair of scissors AND THREAD, which I remembered at the last minute. ^^

734493796photo 1

^^ Lay your 10 tissue sheets out flat and start folding them like a fan or an accordion. ^^

605939308photo 2

^^ Keep folding, keep folding, keep folding... ^^

1027365179photo 4

^^ Once it's all folded, secure with grippies. ^^

2079829804photo 3

^^ One either side, something like this. They're not essential, you could put something heavy on it to stop it springing open as you move on to the next step. ^^

1462121341photo 5

^^ Tie in the middle with your thread. Leave one end of the thread long to attach to the ceiling. ^^

1616429379photo 6

^^ Round off the ends using your scissors. ^^

1351802136photo 7

^^ Remove grips and you have this! ^^

86979471photo 8

^^ Start separating your tissue sheets, one at a time. ^^

1917033151photo 10

^^ Keep separating and shape as you go. I find it easier to do one half at a time. ^^

880847780photo 11

^^ Ta da! My finished pom pom. ^^

469567573photo 12

^^ Nobody puts pom pom in the corner, except me. I live by no rules, not even my own. ^^ They're lovely if you make a few and have them at varying heights and sizes. To make smaller ones, you can either trim your rounded corners closer to the thread round the middle or halve your tissue sheets up the middle. Happy Weekend everyone!