Girl In The Palace
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Last weekend was defintely one of my favourites as I spent Sunday afternoon celebrating my cousin Mel on her journey to becoming a Mummy all over again! We threw her a Blessingway, which is a wonderful alternative to a baby shower and is held for a woman as she approaches birth. It's basically a fun day in with the girls and literally blesses the way for the mother to be ready for childbirth. Instead of baby presents, we asked everyone to bring a bead or a charm to go on a dreamcatcher for Mel, and a candle for her to light during her labour, both as special reminders of her blessing. There are lots of lovely traditions to follow for mums-to-be and this one felt right for Mel. It really was a special day. All of these lovely photos were taken by Mel's friend, Rose, who is also very good at bump painting! 

1543190923photo 239589440photo 1 224683886photo 2 554508251photo 3 ^^ Everyone brought lovely cakes and dishes to share ^^ 822869634photo 4 ^^ A framed photo of our great-grandmother with our great-uncle ^^ 1636033260photo 11 ^^ Beautiful! ^^ 1308816021photo 6 406710698photo 8 ^^ Bracelets for everyone made by Rose ^^ 273132428photo 10 13563074371209241 10152260899828782 540870273 n ^^ Having her bump painted! ^^ 1809349829photo 9 ^^ Lovely Blessingway group ^^