Girl In The Palace
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So I've never been a great fan of clothes shopping online, and this is the reason. This past month I've bought 3 dresses online and each time they've arrived I've not been 100% happy. It's happened while shopping too, you buy something without trying it on and you get home and it doesn't fit right. Not that it doesn't fit, it does but it's not sitting as you'd imagined. You don't want to return it because obviously you like it, but it's pulling here or it's gaping there and you're just like ARGH! For me, the solution always lies in a pair of scissors. Don't go crazy mad, but usually there's a seam or a dart that can be let out a bit. If it's too long, shorten it. If it's too short, let down the hem (There's usually about 3 cm of hem hiding in lined skirts). If it's gaping, tighten it. There are so many ways you can tweak these things. The fit of a piece of clothing can make a huge impact on your look. Inspect your clothes and change what you think needs changing. Unleash your inner designer and be happy with your clothes! Your clothes should make the best of your unique shape! We're not cut outs of the same mould, so why should our clothes be? My best tip for online buying is check the measurements chart and always buy the size that matches your measurements the closest (even if it's scary). This minimises the need for altering, you will look and feel better. These are the rules we go by in the bridal shop and our brides are always pleased that they FEEL amazing in their wedding dresses and also LOOK amazing because their dress fits. It makes buying something you haven't seen in real life a whole to easier and exciting. Happy shopping everyone!