Girl In The Palace
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I love these dungarees type overalls from River Island that I got like two years ago! They are a little more glam than the denim style dungarees. These can be dressed up or casual but definitely don't overstep my dungarees are for toddlers rule. I just think toddlers are so cute in dungarees and they mostly just look wrong on adults! (unless you are actually using them to cover your clothes while building/painting/being messy). Anyway, here I am on our rooftop/balcony/climb out the window bit/terrace wearing those exact things! Last night, RJ and I went to see The Notebook at the Rooftop Cinema in Ealing Broadway with two friends and it was the best! I love that movie anyway and RJ had never been Notebooked! He enjoyed it, and he wasn't the only man! I definitely recommend Rooftop Cinema, there are snuggies, headphones and the sweet smell of sugar popcorn wafting about as you settle into deckchairs and wait for the sun to go down. The tickets sell out really quickly so make sure you book early!  I have a lot of pictures from our Harry Potter Studio Tour that I want to share with you guys so I will put that up in my next post! 

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