Girl In The Palace
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I love the cut out trend for the summer! It's been way to hot to wear anything that doesn't provide a vent of some sort! I scored this Miss Selfridge floral print skater dress from my aunt a few weeks ago and I decided to give it a little make over. It only took an hour or so! I love the graphic rose print and this dress already had built in panels with seams I could work the cut outs in to. This would work even if your dress didnt have panels, but would involve more sewing. I used Wundaweb hemming tape to hold my seams down so this project was a no-sew for me! 

577324312photo 221557833photo 2 1388519663photo 3 The first thing I decided to do was update the elasticated sleeves. I think it's more flattering to have a fitted sleeve and it gives garments a fresher look. All I did was removed the line of elastic using my ripper. Then I gave it an iron. 1644178522photo 4 1507119028photo 5 874190443photo 6 824985133photo 7 I think the clean edge looks better on the dress already. The next thing was marking out where I wanted the cut outs to be. I opted for two symmetrical cut outs under the bust, leaving the buttoned panel in the middle. As the zip is on the side seam on this dress, I left an extra cm along the edge, so it would fold back on itself and not interfere with the zip. 1766259988photo 9 1530991670photo 10 1140701483photo 11 ^^ Snip diagonally into your corners to free up the fabric and get a clean fold ^^ Use your iron and press down your seams with Wundaweb. 660345601photo 12 700014731photo 13 Repeat on both sides to keep it symmetrical! 1104970399photo 14 1109625745photo 15 I'm really happy with it! Hope my auntie Margie doesn't mind :) Photo 25 07 2013 20 46 22 Photo 25 07 2013 20 46 33 Photo 25 07 2013 20 46 05 Photo 25 07 2013 20 45 37 Photo 25 07 2013 20 45 28 Photo 25 07 2013 20 45 23 What do you think? I'm considering adding vents to all of my clothes! Have a lovely weekend X