Girl In The Palace
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I've spent a wonderful few weekends in Henley this month. Rikki and I made it down to the regatta again this year, much improved weather wise compared to last year, and I had the most amazing time with my cousin Mel and friends at the Henley Festival to see Paloma Faith. The festival is a brillant black tie affair that has men stumbling around in their tuxedos and ladies in heels and dresses. It's quite funny to watch! I wasn't expecting to go so had no such black tie outfit arranged! Luckily, Mel and I are the same size, though she is currently with bump :o) and she had a dress for me to borrow! Thanks Mel! Paloma was brilliant and we had a dance in the nightclub marquee after her set. We both managed to stay in our heels the whole night! Here are a mix of photos from the regatta and the Henley Festival. 

561905689image ^^ Picnic by the Thames for the regatta^^ 1331264867image 1488120154image 2065130972image 559726564image ^^ Ready for the Festival ^^ 847717688image ^^ Paloma entertaining us! ^^ 2142630951image 143466514image ^^ Mel's lovely dresses ^^ 241725210image 55647226image 1377312032image ^^ Giant welly! ^^ 163798603image 956159024image ^^ Having the best time with Sophie, Alice and Yvette ^^