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The Rub Off Technique is a method for copying patterns from clothing you have and want to remake, and is outlined in the book Patternmaking for a Perfect Fit by Steffani Lincecum. It involves less measuring and more pinning!

I wasn't taught this method while studying for my fashion degree, but it would have been a real time saver for me and would have really helped when it came to marking out my patterns after working on the stand, or for adding things like button holes on to my patterns. Now, of course, it seems completely obvious. But when you have 3 tutors breathing down your neck to do things exactly as you're taught, the ability to think on your feet kind of goes out the window.

 All you need is a large-ish piece of cardboard, some paper (patternmaking dotted paper would be ideal but I just used tracing paper), your pins, some tape and your favourite garment! 


173500721photo 4 So, all I did here was lay the tracing paper on to the cardboard and taped it steady. I then laid out my shorts and pinned all along the edges of the front left side, marking along seams and darts (measure the darts after and add them into your pattern). The pins puncture the paper underneath and leaves a series of dots that you just join together. Add your seam allowance and hey presto, half a shorts pattern! Repeat on the back and you've got yourself a pair of shorts. 2106186379photo 6 Cut out and sew up. Put in a zip. You've done it. You rock. Get some silver lame if you want to be super cool like me.