Girl In The Palace
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I'm loving the summer weather that has hit London right now. I'm also loving that the best way to stay cool, calm and collected anywhere or anytime is in this slick metallic shorts trend that is everwhere. (I stole most of these images from my pinterest, so they're all linked there).

388381242photo I think they look so fresh and can be dressed up or down for work or play. Anyway, so it got me in the mood for a little DIY. I have a great pair of shorts I wore throughout my holidays, and I decided to copy the pattern as I love the fit and style of them. Shorts can be so uncomplicated to make, only like 3 seams and a zip at the most basic. The style I've made is boxer/running style and when I put them on I looked so 70's I almost died laughing. They're so jazzy, I love them. 1827623602photo 1 539379498photo 2 1000085004photo 9 2011458213photo 8 The method I used for copying the pattern of the shorts is quite a good one and I'll tell you all about it in my next post!