Girl In The Palace
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This week I'm getting back on to the London swing of things after a much needed holiday with RJ and my family in the south of France. We are back after a 10 day roadtrip, but they are still there!! Lucky things! I'm missing the pool, the beach, the heat, the food, the sea air, the food and the food. The food was also good. I have a penchance for gambas a la plancha and moules et frites. It's funny that I don't like beef or the idea of killing animals really, but when it comes to seafood (or "fish"), I basically turn into a shrimp murdering version of Henry VIII; mass beheadings at every meal. It took me a few days, and a few funny meals where RJ and I had no idea what we'd ordered, to dredge up the French I learned in school. We basically had the best time and it was very relaxing. One of my favourite days was our trip to Carcassonne, which I will include in a separate post because we have so many pictures! I'm feeling comma-happy today, in case you didn't notice.

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