Girl In The Palace
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Last Thursday was a morning of mayhem and fun, as we did a shoot for Love Bridal in Crystal Palace. Their new collection is amazing and romantic and I had the best time trying on all the beautiful dresses. The girls hired a beautiful model... and had some other girl from an agency show up too. I JOKE! The model was amazing whereas I just tried not to squint in the blinding sun! RJ and the Cheeky Midge came down to the park so we hopped in and I tried not to look like a naked bridesmaid as I drove our blushing bride to the chapel! Seriously though, I do not have a licence so I was merely posing in the car. We were kind of in the middle of the road and other cars were having to maneuver around us, which was fine cos they actually thought we were bride and bridesmaid. However, a VAN of POLICEMEN turned up and I was sitting in the drivers seat of a car parked in the middle of a road! They turned on the flashing lights and I was like I'M SORRY!!!! The finally drove up to us and said "If we just park here, is that okay for the picture? HAHA!" and I just said "HAHA!" because I thought they'd arrest me otherwise. So, lesson is I guess everything is ok if you are a) part of a photoshoot and b) in the presence of a faux bride. Here are some sneaky pictures RJ took on his iPhone.

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^^ My hysterical HAHAHA after the policemen drove away! ^^

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