Girl In The Palace
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I can't wait for my holidays! RJ and I are roadtripping in the Cheeky Midge down to le sud de la France pour nos vacances! Je suis tres excited. However, as a pale skinned Irish girl, the sun causes havoc on my easily offended skin. I ALWAYS have a stupid burn/tan line somewhere. One year, I got sun burnt while reading out in the back garden in Ireland, the book cast a shadow across my bellybutton and I had a tan line there for the rest of the summer, right across my stomach. It's so unfair. I've taken the hint though to always have sunscreen close to hand and just stay out of the sun. I like looking tanned, so I've started using St. Tropez bronzing mousse, which I like because you apply it, wait 4 hours and then shower it off and you're left with a lovely natural tan without feeling sticky and without the weird fake tan smell. I also have bought a panama hat from Forever 21, which will shade my face on the beach and in the car and prevent the swollen, lobster red face I used to end up with. We leave in a week's time and while the London weather has been superb the last week or so, it's different because I haven't been on a sun holiday for a long time! A bientot! 263848460image