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As promised in yesterday's post, here's how I made my circle skirt! So I made this skirt last week in a fit of the I-Have-Nothing-To-Wears, a horrible affliction that can end in tears and tatters, but sometimes can result in a fit of Get-My-Sewing-Machine-Quick. Circle skirts and I go way back. Some of you may remember this little number from my 3rd year of University.

9009010 origb My mega striped circle skirt. It was a bit of a handful to make, considering I wanted to make all the stripes go the same way and you can't do that with a regular circle skirt pattern, so a few million pattern pieces and french seams later, the striped skirt appeared. But the skirt I'm showing you to make today is the basic circle skirt. All it takes is a length of fabric, a few cuts and sews and a little bit of maths. Photoa I would recommend using a plain, unpatterned fabric for your skirt, otherwise it would be difficult to line up. The first thing is to take your waist measurement in inches using your measuring tape. My waist measured 28". Here is where the math comes in. Basically that measurement is the circumference of the circle we will cut out for your waist, ie the length of the waist band. We will need the radius of that circle in order to cut it out so, here's the formula. Circumference (c) = 3.14 (pi) x Diameter (d). Radius (r) = Diameter (d) / 2. 28" / 3.14 = 8.917 (d). 8.917 / 2 = 4.45" (r). Comprende? Imagine trying to do that with stripes.. face melt. 661850543photo 3 Fold your fabric in half and then in half again. Lay it out so that raw edges are on the left hand side and the bottom, and the main fold is at the top, with the two folded edges on the right. On the top right hand corner is where you measure out your radius. I pinned at just under 4 1/2" from the corner out. 1845630081photo 4 Measure across from the pinned line for the length of your skirt. I chose to go to the edge, remembering to leave 1 cm for your seam allowance. Pin along in a wide arc, following your waist line. These become your cutting lines. Photo 4a Cut along the outside of the pins and you should have a giant doughnut shape! 235949990photo 5 To add the zip, fold your doughnut in half and cut a line from the waistband down about 8". 24448435photo 6 Use your zipper foot to fit the zip in, ideally an invisible zipper foot. Photo 8 Because I used a lightweight fabric with a bit of a stretch to it, my waistband gradually expanded! I fixed this by putting a line of stitching around the very edge of the waistband and then putting a box pleat on the sides of the waist. This also gave it a bit more volume. 1581791761photo 7 For them hem, I turned up my skirt by 1cm and top sticked along it. To finish the waistband, I turned it down .5 cm and top stitched close to the edge. This also held down the box pleats! 699269664photo 2 431702381photo 4 1899785584photo 1431687855photo 1 1191606026photo 14 So there it is! I've been wearing it a lot as it's perfect for the Summer weather. I think I'll make a few more in brighter colours.