Girl In The Palace
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Today, RJ and I went to Brighton. All my years in London and I'd never been! It's pretty much a straight road down from where we live so we (along with the rest of London it seemed) decided that today was the day to go to Brighton. It has a beautiful stony beach and blue water. If you squint long enough at the horizon, I swear you can see France. It definitely got us in the holiday mood. I wore my new circle skirt that I made last week! I will post a how-to tomorrow as it was so easy to make and I've gotten lots of compliments on it! Brighton has a lovely pier, which stretches out longer than it should be allowed, and ends with a Funfair. I wasn't in the mood for any rides really (well, RJ wouldn't let me go on the carousel with all the other kids :/ ) so I settled for a candyfloss! It really is the perfect seaside town. Next time I think I'll pack a picnic, but I wasn't that organised this time!  Photo 6 Photo 1 1964419565photo Photo8 Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 15 Photo 5 Photo 2 Photo 7 Photo 11 Photo 13 Photo 14 Photo 12