Girl In The Palace
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We are getting settled in our new abode! I really love it. The first thing I want to do when I move somewhere is make it my own. I've been keeping a DIY board on Pinterest and I may have pinned "tissue tassel garland" about 5 times. They are so cute and easy to make! Here is my little attempt!

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You just need some tissue paper, and I also had gold wrapping paper, thread or string, scissors,tape and a little PVA glue. Also it is essential to pretend you're on Art Attack.


Start by folding your paper like a greeting card. Then use your scissors to make fine fringe like cuts into the paper (make sure to leave a few centimetres gap between the cut and the fold line). Open it out and roll it tightly! Use the same fold line as a guide and twist your tassel fringes together! Leave a loop to thread the string through

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Easy! And the best thing is that you can change the colours depending on the time of year. I think I'll make a few more! Somebody stop me.