Girl In The Palace
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In the whole world of statement necklaces, I am completely in love with the beautiful pieces of Deloris Petunia. She makes one off, bespoke jewellery and her necklaces are a innovative blend of colour and craftsmanship and are sure to be the standout pieces in any jewellery box. Her Paris necklace in pink ombre is by far my favourite piece. So with this in mind, I decided to upcycle an old necklace of mine. I bought it in for £4 in Dalston and it definitely has potential to be a wow piece. All you need is an array of nail polish in any colour and maybe a bit of glitter (everyone needs a bit of glitter in their lives).

148579118photo (6) 205609935photo (7) I carefully covered each little gem with one coat of Barry M pink just so it would remain a little bit transparent. 1602938957photo (8) 1613291067photo (9) I tried to avoid the little prong things holding down the gems, if I got it accidentally I just used my cuticle stick to rub it off, seeing as I had my nail bag to hand... 2038509078photo (10) 147806741photo (11) Wait for those to dry, then on the second set of gems I put a base of clear nail polish, then used an earbud to smush on some glitter. Apply as much as you want then give it a good shake to remove surplus glitter. Then seal it with a top coat of clear. 1400148843photo (12) 1506302770photo (13) 1715779134photo (14) 1485427026photo (15) 931722319photo (16) 1716321984photo (17) Voila! Not as statementy as Deloris Petunia's amazing creations but definitely an homage. Cut to me wearing this forever.