Girl In The Palace
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It's suddenly almost May and I've barely had time to take stock of April. This happens almost every year!  I actually can't recall the months Feb-April during my final year in University at all. They all sort of blend together! These are the non-months where you want it to be summer and for the rain to stop. We were lucky to have blue skies and the help of our friend Chris G last weekend. We managed to move everything, collect an amaze sofa and catch our friend Dan run his way to glory at the London Marathon all on the same day. Epicness of a day! We bought him a Subway 6" to say thankyou (only the best for our friends you know). We scored the best sofa ever on Gumtree from "Greg" and his girlfirend, who watched us drive passed her house 5 times before realising we were probably a bit lost. It was all worth it for the sofa. We have been without a sofa for a long time so I spend a lot of time on it now. I'm sitting on it right now. Greg decided to give it away because he got sick of fluffing the feather cushions but let me just tell you, Greg, if you're out there, I love this sofa. You have probably saved my spine a great deal of work, and I'm reintroducing lounge time back into my day. Sofas are bliss! Today was really nice weather so the Midge took off her winter hat and let her hair down! (we took the roof off woo!) And we went for a spin. Lovely. 26948543photo (6) 35744447photo (7) 1374521473photo (8) 1637379060photo (9)