Girl In The Palace
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RJ and I are moving to our own place this weekend! And it's our 1 year anniversary! Argh I'm too excited! Moving is hard work, though. I have done it quite a few times over the past few years, moving back and forth to London and around the city. There's no easy way to de-clutter, and I always use it as an opportunity to evaluate my stuff (read: shoes). I try to give stuff away (again, shoes), and even though I do, I always work my way up to a few suitcases full of st(shoes)uff when it's time to move again. I can't wait to show you all our new place. It's small but perfect for two and has parking out the front for the little Midgester (who is enjoying new suspension ahead of our roadtrip to France in June). Unfortunately, the aptly named Midget fits roughly 5 pairs of shoes at any one time and so won't be much good when it comes to moving a wardrobe full and indeed the wardrobe too. So we are hiring a zip van! We are also planning a freecycle raid on the same day and I'll let you know what goodies we manage to score. The fun starts when we get the keys at lunch time tomorrow. 
I shall update then from our new pad! Lair. Den? 675730486photo (3)