Girl In The Palace
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My blog is two months old! I hope the last two months of reading have been good/amazing. I'm loving every minute of this blogging business, though not sure if everyone else is a bit tired of me saying "let me take a picture for my blog...". RJ and I finally figured out that our anniversary is April 19th. We have spent an entire year trying to figure of when exactly we met! We might go for dinner or do something else equally wild, like the movies. I've heard amazing things about the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square. For example, yesterday and today they were doing a Harry Potter 8 film marathon! I mean I do these all the time myself, but it's just cool to think that a cinema would go and do it for the fans! They're doing a singalong Grease on Friday that I might have to beg to be taken to! (Although, I am from a long line of singalongers and I would probably sing along at a regular showing). So today we were expecting good weather. All week I've been watching my weather app (yeah, who needs windows) and it said Sunday would be Amazing Degrees Celsius. Alas, today comes and Google decides to look out the window and update our 20 degrees to a less than amazing 19 and windy. It felt colder.  We braved it anyway and got out the bikes! I rented a Borris Bike, aka Barclays Cycle Hire. The price has definitely gone up since last summer, but I love cycling and it was worth it and so much fun. We had a mini picnic in Victoria Park and in Haggerston Park (we just LOVE parks). It wasn't that sunny and was very windy. But definitely better than it has been. We were in Henley on Thursday and Friday and it was pouring with rain one minute and sunny the next! Come on weather, we need a good summer this year!  302192958photo (2) 181394924photo (5) 318135444photo (3) 1722696071photo (6) 1093400438photo (8) 1273868786photo (7) 1274632311photo (4) I made these verrryyy tasty iced buns last week that went down a treat and I will make them again and give you a recipe! It was tres messy and half way through making the dough, someone called to the door and I had to answer it with one dough covered hand (hilarious).