Girl In The Palace
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The Sunday Up Market is one of my favourite markets in London. As the name would suggest, it appears on a Sunday in a large warehouse just off Brick Lane. It has anything from vintage clothes, to designers selling their garments, postcards, jewellery, bespoke pieces and food (SO much food) cupcakes and hotdogs, sushi and paella and it's so much fun. It's always busy and I never feel like I've seen it all! There's a section of picnic benches in the middle where you can sit and eat all the food you've inevitably bought. I had some amazing sushi and bought 2 salt caramel cupcakes that I  am saving until tomorrow!  I only bought food yesterday, but I'm usually in on the vintage clothes and digging through piles of jumpers. It's another great Sunday event in London. I'm loving Sundays at the mo! It's definitely my favourite day of the week. 1930313073photo (2) 2025290049photo (3) 1469403229photo (9) 108007002photo (11) 439630220photo (5) 1715013515photo (4) 707866354photo (14) 480803286photo (13) 1854154517photo (7) 620995602photo (6) 1488699303photo (15) 922138756photo (8) 1631975809photo (16) 1143242643photo (17)