Girl In The Palace
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March has been really hectic this year! It's been hard to keep up with birthdays and Easter and family visits, but we made it through and have arrived in April! It seems Summer is just around the corner and I can't believe how quick this year is going already. We had a great St. Patrick's Day in London and I loved the parade and seeing all of the Irish things. We are also very excited as my cousin has announced that she is expecting her 2nd baby! I can't wait to be a 1st-cousin-once-removed all over again. It's very special! Our sad news is that RJ lost his Nan just before Easter. It was a great privilege to meet her before she passed away and a touching moment to see RJ with her. It was lovely to meet his extended family, though under sad circumstances. We spent a few days in Shropshire and RJ took me for a day out to show me where he grew up. It's so beautiful there and was lovely to get out of the city. We are back in London now and enjoying the good weather, however temporary! Here is a little photo selection from March.  Photo (2)resize Photo (3)resize Photo (4)resize Photo (5)resize Photo (6)resize