Girl In The Palace
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RJ bought me this beautiful blue felt had to wear for my birthday, which was last October. I spotted it in Spitalfield Market one day and pointed it out to him, and little did I know he made his way back and got it for me that very same day. I absolutely love it so I don't want it to get snowed on or rained on, which is silly because basically that's when you would wear a hat. And I don't want it to fade in the sun so that rules out sunny days. Basically, I can only wear it when there's a dry breeze coming from the south and it hasn't rained in a week, so NEVER. It has a gorgeous satin sash and a big bow. The colour seems to sit somewhere around blue/navy/indigo/purple, and those are my favourite colours. Here I'm wearing it with my go-to jumper (because you can only go-to a jumper in this weather) and a navy dress which are both from New Look. My boots are my fave Zara ones which have now been rained and snowed on. This weather is very depressing, but we managed to catch the last few rays of sun today. Dscf0867 Dscf0866 Dscf0861 Dscf0877 Dscf0882 Dscf0869 Dscf0889 Dscf0886 My bag is the same clutch I mentioned (and keep mentioning!) a few posts ago, and my cute LOVE necklace is from Matalan.