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I've made this Victoria Sponge a few times now and everyone loves it, even those who are usually hard to please on the baking front! (I don't mean RJ, he'll eat almost anything in cake form). But this cake is especially cute as it's heart shaped, aw. I used the following recipe.
225g Unsalted butter
225g Caster sugar
225g Self-raising flour, sifted
4 large eggs at room temperature
1/2 tsp of vanilla essence
1 tbsp of milk
A few tbsp of raspberry jam for filling
Whipping cream also for the filling
A dusting of icing sugar to finish.

I realised about half way through I should have been taking pictures (too busy eating batter) so you'll have to trust me!
Firstly I creamed the butter until it was very pale, then I added the caster sugar in potions, creaming together after each addition. In a separate bowl, I lightly whisked the eggs with the vanilla essence, then added that mixture a tablespoon at a time into my sugar and butter mixture. After each tablespoon I gave it a good mix until it was all combined. I then added my sifted flour, sifting it again into the mixture and used a big metal spoon to combine it all.

Img 3511 I just sort of folded it around until I couldn't see streaks of flour anymore. Then I prepared some greaseproof paper to line the silicone heart shaped cake thing! I used my special cutting skills. Img 3512 Just go with it, it'll work (even if you spill some egg white on the greaseproof paper, like I did) Fill it all in and it'll look like so: Img 3513 As I only had use of ONE cake tin but needed TWO heart shaped sponges, I kept half of the mixture aside and baked them one at a time. Some say you could bake it at once and cut it in half, but that could go very wrong, and probably would go very wrong for me. The mixture kept well and the second batch cooked better than the first, if you ask me. I baked them for 20-25 minutes. Img 3515 Img 3517 Ta da! The one on the plate is upside down because I think the filling would sit better on the flat underside of the first heart, rather than the top, which was slightly raised in the middle. Know what I mean? It probably wouldn't make much difference to be honest. Let them cool and whatever you do, do not lick the batter from the whisks of the electric mixer because that would be wrong. And delicious. But wrong. Img 3518 Spoon on your jam and spread it to the edges. It would be very tasty as is, but if you want to add some cream then go ahead and whisk up some whipping cream, using your freshly cleaned, non-licked electric whisks. Img 3521 Carefully place the top sponge on to the layer of cream and press it down slightly. Then add a dusting of your icing sugar using the sifter. Then eat and enjoy. 563875052img 3523 Img 3525 Img 3528 Img 3529 Yum! I can't wait to show you the little project I've been working on with my patternmaster! It's coming together so I will post it very soon. Happy Easter everyone!