Girl In The Palace
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Working in a bridal shop is probably every girls dream, and I am lucky enough to live out that dream every week! I spend the day talking about shoes, dresses, romantic proposals (or non romantic ones!) honeymoons, themes, parties and everything else combined! Mainly about dresses and designers, but one bride brought her amazing Irregular Choice bridal shoes in to the shop yesterday and we talked about Irregular Choice for a half hour and convinced everyone else in the shop to go buy some! If you haven't heard of them, prepare to be mindblown. They have the most amazing works of art that you wear on your feet! Their bridal collection is really special too, and our bride yesterday had a beautiful pair!
I love the Can't Touch This style with the purple tinted heel, and the Fairies in a Jar style too. I've had a few pairs over the years! The Miaow Boot is my longtime favourite, I've had them in black and green. I also have the Cortesan Floral Bar in purple! Sometimes I go to their shop on Carnaby Street and touch everything. They're so creative and I think the bridal range are so special. Perfect if your dress isn't full length and you want it to be about the shoes! 
Miaow My favourite, the Miaow Boot. A new pair is definitely on my wishlist! Perhaps in purple...