Girl In The Palace
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Last night, RJ and I went to the very exciting launch of the new premises of the London Classic Car Club! They had all of their cars on display, and classic car enthusiasts milling around, pointing at badges and chrome things. At first I tried to be very excited about headlamps, but after a while I actually loved it! We had VW Campers growing up, and a Beetle too at one point. My Aunt has a Morris Minor that is so cute, and now RJ has the Cheeky Midge so I'm used to being around classic cars. It was a really lovely event and a good night out. It was very cold, but luckily they had massive gas heaters stationed right beside the MGs! I joked with another lady, who was milling around the heater too, that I loved MGs so much I couldn't possibly tear myself away from them to look at other cars. In the end I did, and we found lots of new favourites. I came across the adorable Frogeye Sprite, which I'd never liked before. It has quite similar parts to the MG Midget, so I always see pictures of it in RJ's magazines and manuals. But after seeing it in the flesh last night, I just fell head over heels in love with it. There's something about the way it grins at you, you can't help but like it. Like me to the gas heater, was RJ to the Jaguar E-Types. I listened to him say things about vents and cylinders and spotted him petting the window frame more than once. Basically they're amazing and I felt bad for saying I didn't like the bubble on the bonnet because that's a really important bit apparently. I kind of wished I knew more about cars! It was really fun to see the VW Campers all lined up! It reminded me of holidays and trips away when I was young. It was a really lovely atmosphere, it usually is when it comes to classic car enthusiasts! I've been to vintage runs with my Aunt and everyone is always so nice. Everyone was dressed up, there was champagne from Grays & Feather and it all looked really glam. I wore my new red lipstick to match my River Island midi skirt, some New Look heels and a little clutch bag that I got for £3 in Peacocks. It's the prefect size to carry phone, wallet, keys, makeup etc and I suggest you go get one! It's a really good print as well. Here are some pictures of our night. 503511254photo (9) 621765588photo (4) 161930613photo (13) 149901216photo (10) 23088315photo (5) Photo (12) Photo (26) 1287999415photo (22) 992580723photo (19) 672696438photo (8) Photo (25) 1893768594photo (7) 189778878photo (6) My new little inexpensive clutch bag! And red nails are Juicy by Mavala Pulp Colours. Mostly my nail varnish chips in less than a day, but this one always stays on for ages! It's great! My lipstick is Sunset by Barry M.