Girl In The Palace
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I love Sundays in London. There's so much to do! It's not like home in Ireland where everything closes. A whole different side of London comes out on Sundays. I started to notice a trend on Sunday afternoons, people walking by carrying bunches and bunches of fresh flowers wrapped in brown paper. They looked so mysterious, and everyone seemed to have them! And it all made sense because down the road from us, there is a beautiful flower market on every Sunday. I haven't been in about two years, and the last time I went I was hungover from the Saturday night out before. It's a bad idea to go to a market with a hangover. The traders roar and shout at you. Today, a man shouted at me to take my hands out of my pockets, and then went back to shouting out prices. If you can handle that, then you can enjoy the beautiful displays of potted and fresh cuts and the lovely market atmosphere. RJ got me some roses and finally, I had my very own brown paper wrapped bunch! I was overcome. It was freezing out too, so we hopped in the Midge and went to Hoxton for a late lunch in the Breakfast Club. We got a pitcher of smoothie to share, and I swear I had about two pints. I was so full, they had to roll me out the door. The A board on the way out said "Have a nice day! It's all downhill from here". I believed it. Fm1 Fm2 Fm3 Fm4 Fm5 Fm6 Fm7 Fm10 Fm8 Fm9