Girl In The Palace
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The weather changes so fast in London, it's giving me whiplash! My poor wardrobe is being pulled apart on a daily basis trying to find suitable attire. It was so sunny and mild up til Wednesday, I thought hmmm I can get away with a jacket, can't I? Well no, apparently London would like everyone to remain in giant coats and systematically undress down to a t shirt when on the tube. You can't win, so don't try. Layers are the way forward, even though it means having a pile of jumpers beside you any time you happen to be indoors. It's a hard life for the commuter! We are going to Henley again this Sunday and, weather permitting, RJ might be able to finish the work on his car! Judging by today, it will either be perfectly sunny or perhaps a blizzard. The weather prediction is "changeable". You don't say. Thanks. But if he succeeds in fixing the poorly Midge, then we shall be back on the road and off the train! The Midge is perfect in all weather conditions, the heater gets so toasty when it's cold and in Summer the roof comes down and all you need is a headscarf to keep the hair from going all Medusa-esque. We miss her! See you soon Midgey!
Anyway, due to today's weather (snow... again!) I borrowed a beanie hat from a certain someone and stayed warm in this pink hoody, a leopard print jacket and jeans! Also I left the house once... Blogdscf0842 Blogphoto (1) Blogdscf0825 Blog Blogdscf0827 Blogdscf0842 Blogphoto (1) Blogdscf0825 Blog Blogdscf0827